Which framework for which pupil?

The Earwig framework finder searches the hundreds of framworks already in the Earwig framework library to help you find the framework you need. 

And you can use as many or as few for each pupil as you like. 

With hundreds of frameworks catering for every need, subject and ability with more being added everyday, Earwig makes it easy for you to search for exactly what you need.

Perhaps you need a framework for ASD that supports PDA, perhaps you need to assess physical ability alongside engagement, or perhaps you need to incorporate some of the national curriculum but only to a certain level. All of this and more can be found in the Earwig Framework Library.

And one of the most popular and important frameworks in the library is the framework that is virtually empty. It is the customisable EHCP framework, which is a template ready to be populated with the pupil’s EHCP provision to ensure all of the elements are being met and tracked.

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