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There is a new version of the AET Autism Spectrum Progression framework available. Decision time?

I don’t need to tell you that SEND pupil assessment is a rapidly evolving science (or is it an art?). Everywhere you look, things are changing.  At the heart of it is the move from highly structured, P-Levels based, schemes, to individualised, EHCP-based target sets. But, even among the 100+ different assessment frameworks in the Earwig Framework ‘Library’, changes are afoot.


Some years ago, the Autism Education Trust produced the AET Autism Spectrum Progression framework, which is now widely used and so is very often included in the ‘basket’ of assessment frameworks which special schools have chosen to load into their Earwig accounts. So the fact that the AET has just brought out a new version of the scheme means that schools using the old one now have to decide whether to soldier on with the ‘old’ version or jump across to the new.


You can find out more about the new edition, and associated support tools here and the image will give you and idea of the top level changes. But what you need in order to make an informed decision, is to be able to see the two frameworks, side by side, to see what has changed and thus whether the new one is a more useful tool than the old.


So we have laid on a special AET Framework Comparison opportunity.  Earwig will provide you with a unique login which gives you access to one of our test schools which has both frameworks embedded.  So you can go in and open them up to see the differences.


If you would like to take advantage of this, just click here and write ‘Send me a test AET login’ in the message box.  We’ll get one to you in a couple of shakes.


If you would like to talk to an Earwig Assessment Consultant about the AET framework, or any other, just let us know in the message.  No charge.


If you still don’t know what Earwig does for special schools and SENCOs in mainstream schools, check the videos on this page.

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