The betrayal of the SENDco

TES coverAn honest and shocking report about the roles of SENDco’s in schools headlines in the latest issue of TES.
The article highlights the enormous responsibility of the SENDco but how their lack of power inhibits and frustrates their role. It describes how all too often SENDco’s find themselves stuck between the SLT, the parents and the very muddled system, whilst trying to manage the full time responsibilities of a SENDco, in part-time hours.


The Earwig Team believe that changes need to be made to the SEND system, and the Rochford Review was a good start. Until major changes happen however, we believe that comprehensive assessment of children with SEND is the cornerstone to getting the child the provision they need to reach their potential. Once the child has been assessed it’s easier for the SENDco, school and parents to agree on and request the appropriate provision. Then getting that provision in place? Well that’s a whole other article in itself …


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