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Report Time – Think Earwig

Approaching the end of the first term in the school year is a good time to think about how to make pupil reports easier, better and more colourful using Earwig.

Teachers with Earwig have spent time creating lots of illustrative teaching records so it would make sense to use them in your reports. The best way is to use one of the ten formal pupil report templates available and configure it to exactly the style of report that’s right for your school. Alternatively you could use a printout of relevant images or a PDF of a pupil’s timeline, to support and illustrate your current report format.


If your Earwig system is already open to parents they may have seen some of the images before but they are much more memorable and more likely to be preserved if they come as part of a school report.


You could also choose a middle way and add a Teacher’s Comment to a timeline-based learning journey for the term to provide a quick easy and much appreciated, end-of-term report to parents.  This option is very popular.


Over the last year we have been working on creating several new report format options for you.  So you can now also…


  • Create a report using only the images in a pupil’s timeline – or attach this to the back of another report.


  • Use a PDF of the Track screen to show progress from term to term in a vivid, easily assimilated way.


  • And if you are using Earwig to track EHCP based targets, you can use one or our specialist EHCP Annual Review reports cut down to provide just the essential information for parents.


Each of these reports comes with a ‘Configure box’ that can be used to add and remove elements of the report to ensure that your report style is ‘just right’ for your school, subject or class.

Whichever format you choose, you will find producing pupils’ reports easier, faster, more informative and more professional using the Earwig report module.

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