Earwig is used by schools to record achievement, help with assessment and provide teaching evidence.  But, having collected images, videos and other records, it makes sense to share these with parents, which adds considerably to the educational value as well as the fun.

Every registered and approved parent at an Earwig school gets a free login and can see the records created by school staff, as they made, laid out in an elegant timeline which tells the story of their child’s school journey. The images and video included in these records are also collected into an Image Gallery where they can be enjoyed for a year.

Not all Earwig images or videos are works of photographic art. That is not their objective. However, many of them are very good and almost all are very engaging. Parents who wish to keep a permanent copy of an image or clip can order high resolution versions of these.  Prices below. They can also order prints and photobooks which provide a further vivid physical record of a child’s school career.


To ensure that the cost of Earwig images and video clips never exceeds £12.00, Earwig have introduced Parent Plus. That is how much the upgrade costs and for this you can download all the high resolution images and video you want, for no charge.

You also get

  1. Timelines going back to your child’s first Earwig records.
  2. An enhanced Image Gallery with the facility to caption images and create albums.
  3. Special offers on prints, photobooks, etc.

Schooldays seem to go on forever when your children are going through them. But once they are over, they will seem to have gone by in a flash. Make sure you have a full and vivid record of them.


If your school uses Earwig photographers to take the official photos at the school, then you will have the opportunity to buy these through Earwig also.

Because there is a professional photographer involved, these images are a bit more expensive and there is a £6.00 premium for each image. But, after that the print prices are exactly the same – and much lower than those from conventional school photographers.

Product Price List

High resolution image download£2.00Free
Video clip short£3.00Free
Video clip long£6.00Free
Thumbnail prints x 4£3.00£3.00
Postcard (10cm x 15 cm)£1.00£1.00
Large (15cm x 21cm)£2.00£2.00
Extra Large (21cm x 30cm)£3.00£3.00
Photobooks (20 images)£28.00£28.00