So that the Earwig software package it can accommodate any sort of school in England, including specials schools of every description, has a large number of different features and facilities embedded in the software. Individual schools will want to use some features and not others.  So Earwig provides you with a list of options and prices.  So you only pay for features that you need. You and your Earwig Consultant can decide which features are right for your school and easily calculate the setup cost and the subsequent annual charge.

The discounts available are listed at the bottom of the page.

Whatever Earwig costs you, you can rest assured that it will be saving your school a great deal more in terms of staff time and stress.

Basic Package

Earwig Evidence
£550 + £2.00 per pupil.
Earwig Assessment
£550 Assessment, Tracking, Analysis, Reporting.
£300 Tag and track only.


Assessment frameworks
£100 each, for first 5. After that £50 each.
Limited users
£100 e.g. Therapist, Curated.
Multi-school login
£100 for MAT SLT members.
Pupil Dashboard
£100 integrated reporting across frameworks.
MODULES (available 2023)
Safeguarding module
£200 Track safeguarding events and reports.
Intervention Recording module
£200 Add test scores and charts.
Behaviour module
£200 Monitor behaviour and intervention results.
Portfolio module
£200 Staff create projects. Students add evidence.
Parent Logins - including Parent Observations
£200 Includes parent online support.
Parent Plus for all parents
£2 Per parent.
Data Setup
£200 Data synchronisation or manual setup.
Setup review & SLT Training - online
£280 Getting the system configured for your school.
Launch to Parents
£100 Per phase.
Set up a framework from the library
£100 Configure and rename.
Evidence Training
£280 2 hours. Record creation and tagging. Assessment overview. Online.
Assessment Training
£280 Up to 2 hours. Assessment, tracking, reports. Online.
Reporting and Analytics Training
£280 Up to 2 hours. Account administration, parents, reporting, analytics. Online.
Staff refresher
£280 Also new staff training. Online.
In-school training visit
£280 These prices all refer to online trining sessions. For a personal visit from an Earwig Consultant, add this.
Annual Online Performance Review
FREE 30 minute 1-on-1 review with Ambassador.
Custom curriculum/framework
£200 to £600 depending on size.
Custom report or feature
£400 Indicative price. Based on workload.
MIS change or data parameter reset


MAT Multi-school discount
5% each, for 2nd to 6th school in the same order. First year.
Referral Discount
10% off next year's fee, for each successful referral.
Contract length discount
10% Three years. 15% Five years.
Max total discount