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Personalise your pupil reports

A special feature new from Earwig is the ability to take an official school photo of a pupil and place it alongside his or her timeline and report. This instantly makes the information more attractive, personal and easier to find and read. The photos can be extracted directly from your school’s database, with your permission, and added to the site. If you feel this would be beneficial for your teachers contact us and we will set it up.

This is just one of a hundred ways Earwig can individualize the experience and output for each pupil and make the performance assessment all about the child as Earwig uses many different frameworks and can edit any scheme specifically for each pupil. This ability to create unique target sets for each child based on their EHCP Outcomes, makes Earwig unique and the only assessment package that any special school needs – right across the school from pre-formal engagement measures to GSCE and vocational learning.

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