Only 16% schools maintain their ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted rating, unless they have Earwig

This week, Ofsted came out with an astonishing statistic.  Of the schools that were graded Outstanding in 2017, only 16% of those inspected retained their Outstanding status.

All the more extraordinary because, as far as we are aware, ALL the Earwig schools inspected this year, of any grade, either retained their grading or were upgraded.

Even Outstanding schools can shoot for a small upgrade – they can be awarded ‘Outstanding All Areas’.  That is what happened to the Vranch School in Exeter.

The same thing happened to Mary Rose School in Portsmouth.  Their big inspection this year wasn’t from Ofsted but from Challenge Partners.  But the result was the same.

In both cases, the inspector’s report was particularly enthusiastic about the quality of the assessment process and the teaching evidence provided.

Earwig’s main function is to improve teaching evidence, engagement, assessment, analytics and reporting, in order to improve teaching. So, schools shouldn’t buy Earwig just because it impresses inspectors. But the fact that it clearly does can’t do any harm!
Peter Gelardi, CEO of Earwig Academic

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Emilie-Kate Kidd