Measuring SEND Pupils Against the EYFS Framework

If you have SEND pupils of any age who are working to targets in the EYFS framework you may be frustrated by the fact that it was designed for mainstream children so, in its statutory form, is not always appropriate for children with lower abilities.

Three Earwig schools have come up with their own versions of the Early Years scheme which are more appropriate for particular ranges of special need, including PMLD, with smaller steps and a more consistent (and editable) structure.


If you’d like to look at any of these, just ask info@earwigacademic.com for the latest version of the Earwig SEND Assessment Menu for a more detailed view and explanation of the options available.


The Menu now has about 100 different frameworks to choose from and we are adding five to ten additional ones every month as new schools join Earwig and want their personal favourites loaded into the system.  So, Earwig is now the one place that you can go to where you can really get a feeling for what is available for each different category of SEND.

If you are a special school which is re-assessing your assessment strategy and you’d like to understand your options better then just get in touch and ask for an online consultation with an Earwig SEND assessment specialist.  It’s free.


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Emilie-Kate Kidd