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Ickburgh School – how they use Earwig to measure progress

When I visit a school that runs Earwig it is very rewarding to see the enthusiasm of the staff that use it, particularly the Senior Leadership.  This generates a virtuous circle.  The more enthusiastic the SLT is, the more completely Earwig is embedded into school processes and thus the more time it saves and the more organised and effective the teaching evidence and pupil assessment. This makes the top team even more enthusiastic – especially after a call from the Ofsted Inspector.  We had another nice email from a school this week, saying that Earwig had been a big factor in them retaining their Outstanding status.  Well done Parkside School, Norwich.

Sometimes our clients are sufficiently enthused about Earwig to stand up and tell the (educational) world about it.  One such advocate is Bill Webster, the Deputy Head at Ickburgh School – a leading special school in London.  He did a talk at TESSEN in October on how his team have adapted Routes for Learning and their own version of the Engagement Scale to measure progress among their Pre-formal level pupils.

This is a good example of how schools can use Earwig to measure progress in different ways for different pupil cohorts and get that balance between individualising targets for each pupil while still being able to measure and moderate progress in a structured way.

In case you didn’t make TESSEN this year, here is a clip from his presentation. Thanks Bill!

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