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How your school can maximise staff time ahead of cuts

The news is pretty dire lately, every public service is struggling, strikes are rife and the economy is in turmoil. One desperate measure many schools are considering is cutting staff or teaching hours to save money, says the head teachers’ union, NAHT.

Of the 11,000 respondents to NAHT’s snapshot survey, 66% said they will have to make teaching assistants redundant or cut their hours. Half say they could do the same for teachers as energy costs and teacher pay rises put pressure on school budgets.

Most of a school’s budget goes on pay, so the 5% pay increase that most teachers in England received in September has had a big knock-on impact on finances.

For Eaton Valley, it has added £90,000 to the annual bill for staff costs, which it is expected to find from within its existing budget.



Paul Whiteman, NAHT general secretary, said schools had “made all the easy savings already”.

“The only things left to cut are things that will have a real immediate impact on children – and especially those who are already the most disadvantaged and vulnerable,” he said, adding that the government must take “urgent action” to boost education spending.

If you are having to cut staff you can get more teaching time with your reduced staff by using Earwig to cut the time teachers spend on teaching evidence, pupil assessment and reporting.

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