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How will the new SEND assessment climate affect your next inspection?

Earwig are hosting a seminar at TESSEN North on  Saturday 11th May at 2.30pm on “How will the new SEND assessment climate affect your next inspection?

Three expert speakers with host the seminar, which will conclude with a panel discussion.

Earwig can be found on Stand E33 at the show.


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Hitting a Moving Target, Emilie-Kate Kidd

The Pre-KS Standards have changed the statutory summative assessment landscape, but beyond this, for formative assessment across the age ranges schools are faced with a bewildering array of assessment strategies and tools to implement these. Emilie-Kate presents a summary based on Earwig’s conversations with more than 100 special schools.



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How We Make Sense of Assessment, Ian Norton

Vranch House has evolved its own answer to the assessment conundrum which has led to top ratings in e very area and great outcomes for pupils. Ian explains how performance measurement informs teaching and how this impacted their recent Ofsted inspection.



RolandWhere Do You Sit on the Spectrum? Roland Bugler

The SEND Assessment, Engagement and Target-setting Spectrum. Roland presents seven different approaches to assessment now prevalent in schools and examines the frameworks and other measures available to help schools to be the best at whatever strategy they choose to adopt.



Panel Discussion: Summative vs Formative, Structure vs Flexibility, Achievement vs Engagement

This topic usually sparks lively debate among special school leaders. Benefit from the recent experience of other school leaders. Contact us to let us know your approach and discuss the pros and cons of alternative strategies …

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Emilie-Kate Kidd  –  Communications Director, Earwig.
Emilie-Kate is also the parent of a child with significant SEND and co-founder of the charity Parents in Need ( which helps parents of children with SEND access assessments to secure appropriate education.


Ian Norton  –  Headteacher at Vranch House School in Exeter
Vranch House has been awarded Outstanding in all areas in its last two Ofsted inspections. Check out his views on assessment on the Earwig blog at


Roland Bugler  –  SEND Assessment Expert, Earwig
Roland previously led the consultancy, training and support activities for CASPA and has spent the last eleven years advising SEND schools across the country on assessment under a variety of different DfE regimes.

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Emilie-Kate Kidd