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Earwig hacks to save time in 2017

We love hearing from our staff and one topic which is always fascinating to us is all the alternative ways in which everyone is using Earwig.


As if recording, assessing and reporting wasn’t enough, our innovative teachers have been using Earwig to do all sorts of things.


Such as:

  • ‘Blog’ to all parents, by creating a record using photos or video and tagging all pupils
  • To record WAGOLL’s (What A Good One Looks Like) for homework projects
  • To visibly praise pupils for good work or behaviour – proud parents are happy parents.
  • Record their own classroom decorations – which are of course part of the learning experience too
  • As a noticeboard to parents – such as “Don’t forget your trip money on Friday!” … the list goes on.
For these and other Earwig hacks to make school life supersonically efficient, click on this link to our Pinterest board.  And don’t forget to let us know your own ideas, info@earwigacademic.com.

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