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Can Parents help you assess?

The Earwig Parent Observations facility is proving very popular in our schools, and for good reason. So often we hear teachers and parents with quite different viewpoint on the child’s disposition, skills or challenges as the child can behave very differently within the structured regime of school and the informal ‘safe space’ of home.


Let parents support your assessments by adding ‘Parental Observations’ at home to their child’s profile. You can choose whether or not to utilise the observation in your assessments, but by enabling parents’ contributions, not only are you engaging parents  – which Ofsted love, but you are getting a more rounded view of the child’s profile. Within most SEN frameworks many tasks are only completed when they are ‘generalised’, a parent observation could help you tick that box.


For example, when following a life skills framework, at school you can teach a child the process of a bedtime routine, but only a parent or guardian will be able to tell you if they are able to implement it and follow it in a real life setting.

To give parents the window into their child’s timeline it’s £100 per school per year, to then give them the facility to upload their own observations, it will cost only an additional £100 per year, no matter how many parents there are in the school.

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