Local conferences

Our local conferences enable you to meet with other special schools in your area so you can share ideas and best practices and develop mutually beneficial relationships. For this reason we prefer schools to try and attend a conference near you. If you’d like us to put on a conference in your area please email info@earwigacademic.com and let us know.

Annual national conference

Our national conference is a bigger conference for countrywide idea sharing and that means everyone is welcome. Expect some sort of jolly after the conference plus a more glamourous dinner and overnight.

Upcoming events

Local to Cambridge; Thursday 29th Feb 2024

Local to York; Thursday 9th May 2024

National conference: Thursday 13th June 2024, Dorking, Surrey.

More information on these forthcoming conferences will be available soon.



Winchester 9th November 2023

National Conference 29th June 2023, Preston

National Conference 6th July 2022, Dorking

Just email info@earwigacademic.com for more information.