The Earwig Story

Joe has worked in sales for high-tech companies for years. Emilie-Kate is a marketing communications specialist. Not very long ago, Joe and Emilie-Kate, were working with a new exciting technology which enabled multimedia content to be stored and organised digitally and presented chronologically in beautiful timelines. On business in t’north Joe met Owen. Owen had been a teacher for 22 years but had left teaching a few years ago, sick of paperwork and hoop-jumping. Owen suggested that this new software would be perfect for recording and presenting teaching evidence – one of the most time-consuming elements of the teaching workload, especially at Primary and Nursery level.

Joe and Emile-Kate thought this was interesting. So they went and asked some teachers what they thought. The teachers really liked the idea. So they went to see a few more, and then a few more, and just to try and prove Owen wrong.

But Owen wasn’t wrong. There was an overwhelmingly positive response from everyone and it was agreed that this was something schools really needed. Owen brought in an IT specialist, Mark, and they set to work. One year and one crowdfunding round later, in January 2014, Earwig was born, to rapturous applause and two party poppers.

Earwig’s Head Office is in Surrey and their Operations Centre is in Southport. But Earwig agents also full of the “Joie-de-Earwig” can be found all over the country. In fact we’re growing so fast, we’re hiring new agents all the time. We’re also partnered with some of the bigwigs of the education resource industry including RM Education and Think IT. So there’s no escaping us.

Of course, the story doesn’t end there, the Earwig founders are fidgets and since the launch they’ve developed a whole load of modules, most of them requested by teachers at Earwig schools. The latest being the assessment module – designed to blow Justine Greening’s hat off by getting pupil assessments done so quickly and efficiently that teachers blow a massive raspberry at the printer and dance home in time for tea.

The Founders

Joe Ryan

Sales and Operations

Joe has held senior sales and marketing positions at, World Telecom and Real Media over the last 20 years, always working with advanced technology products. He was one of the main orchestrators in assembling Earwig’s founding team. Joe lives in West London with his wife and three children.

Owen Jamieson

Sales and Software Development

The Earwig system was originally Owen’s idea. Owen taught maths in Lancashire for 22 years until he was so thoroughly sick of the time-wasted on paperwork that he left the profession. Not long after that he met Joe, they assembled the rest of the team and Earwig was born. Owen has two teenage children and lives in Southport.

Mark Hindmarsh

Technology and Customer Service

Mark is Earwig’s IT guru and therefore looks after Earwig’s customer service. He is an experienced technology engineer and has worked mostly in the education industry. He lives in Southport with his wife Sandra, who is a primary school teacher, and their two boys. 

Emilie-Kate Kidd

Marketing and Communications

Emilie-Kate was Marketing Manager for Wrapit PLC and later, Head of PR and Communications for KFH, London’s Largest Estate Agent. She and her husband have two children and live in Surrey. Their eldest child has learning difficulties which has led to her particular interest in the SEN area of education. 


Earwig was founded by a team of educators, business people and entrepreneurs in 2013. We’re growing fast so we’re always looking to expand and network. If you think we should know who you are, get in touch!



We are currently hiring sales agents nationwide to introduce Earwig to local schools and nurseries.
Agents must be very familiar with the latest trends in education and will usually have several years of teaching under their belts. They are also properly tech-savvy, great with people and ready to shoot off to a school at short notice. Earwig agents don’t just demonstrate the product. They also train staff in using it and help provide second line support for staff in their schools.

They also do a great service to education by helping teachers to make schools VISIBLY BETTER and their staff more efficient and less stressed, with more time for teaching.

If this is you and you are interested in a flexible, well-paid role either part-time, to supplement another career such as supply teaching or as a full time agent, click here to apply.