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A great idea to make money for your school

Being a forward thinking company ourselves, we love new ideas from anywhere. Especially one that bring in extra cash for hard pressed schools. And we think our friends at School Space have a great one.


They help schools generate extra funds by hiring out their spaces to individuals, clubs, societies, and local businesses. Even schools that already let out their available spaces see an 170% average increase in their lettings revenue by using School Space.

They say: “We work with schools to market their facilities in the best possible light and bring in local users to begin reinvigorating the local community. We manage the end-to-end booking process which includes all customer enquiries, service admin and cancellations. Our customer service team comes to work every day, bright eyed and eager to remove the stress of lettings and venue management for schools, and make sure that our customers always have someone they can call if they have questions about their booking. Our wonderful Community Connectors staff hires on the day, including opening the venue, care-taking, cleaning and locking up. And once the booking is over, we take care of all the finance and feedback gathering.”


Jemma Phibbs Co-founder of School Space told us “The benefits of letting out school facilities go far beyond increasing revenue for the school. 50,000 community users in our schools last month also helped address anti-social behaviour outside of schools, provided extra curricular opportunities for students and have even had a positive impact in pupil applications to some schools.”

Well done School Space, we think it’s a great idea!

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Emilie-Kate Kidd