Earwig brings teaching evidence and pupil assessment into the 21st century,
makes life easier and raises standards across the school,
from the TA to the Head. Which one are you?


Do you feel overwhelmed by workload?
Do surprise Ofsted visits fill you with dread?
Would you like to ditch the paperwork and get back to teaching?

Teachers all over the country are wondering how they managed before Earwig. We know because they tell us all the time. Earwig can save you hours of paperwork and make you more effective as a teacher. Really.

It does this by freeing you up to teach. No more cutting and pasting or organising teaching evidence.

Click, comment, tag, finished

Use the Earwig app to comment on images and video taken in the classroom or elsewhere, tag the subject and the relevant children and you’re done. All the teaching evidence that you need, beautifully organised by class, subject or pupil available to show or download, with a couple of clicks. So you’re always ready for the next ‘no-notice’ Ofsted visit.

Because parents can log in to see their child’s timeline, they feel involved and supportive.

To understand the nuts and bolts, go to HOW IT WORKS
For information specific to your school type, go to NURSERY PRIMARY SECONDARY or SPECIAL NEEDS.

With Earwig I collect the photos taken by the TA’s throughout the lesson and then I tag the children in those photos and write up the comments - it’s just so much easier. And being able to share that with parents is invaluable. It’s perfect!

Hannah MacLeod, Year 3, NQT Teacher, Woodnook Primary


Would you like to see your staff spending more time teaching and less time on admin?
Are you ready for that next Ofsted visit?
Would you like to delight and engage parents?

At the basic level, Earwig is an app which enables your staff to capture teaching evidence in both core and non-core subjects, easily and quickly, in a way that ensures that, at any time, they can pull up a permanent, beautifully presented timeline of documents, images and video for any class, subject, staff member, pupil or any other criterion that you care to create. The perfect solution to collecting, managing and presenting teaching evidence throughout the school and a wonderful record of the magic that happens in your classrooms every day.

Needless to say, it takes much of the Ofsted inspection pressure off everyone, but it does a great deal more than that. By providing parents with a window into the activity of their child at your school, with no additional effort on your part, parents feel engaged and pupils are motivated to perform better.

The app is easy enough for even the technophobes to grasp and everything is held in the cloud and off your school network. There is no limit to the amount of data storage that you can use. Each school record bank is securely ring-fenced, so school image security is enhanced. Earwig synchronises with your school database every night, so it is always current.

Earwig is the perfect complement to whatever assessment systems you use, whether these are based of EYFS, The Primary Curriculum or peer review at secondary level. To learn more about this, go to EYFS, PRIMARY ASSESSMENT or SECONDARY SCHOOLS.

Parents can buy the Earwig images and the school gets 25% of the proceeds. So, the net cost of the software is very low, sometimes as low as zero.
What sort of school do you run? NURSERY, PRIMARY, SECONDARY, SPECIAL NEEDS.


Earwig is completely revolutionary and has transformed the way we work.

Giles Storch, Headteacher Euxton Primary, Lancashire. Rated ‘Outstanding’ 2014


Would you like to Get parents onside?
Present school activities better?
Reduce your paperwork?
Save on teaching support costs?

Because Earwig saves teachers and TAs hours of tedious paperwork to ensure that their teaching evidence is up to date, they are freed up to actually teach, which means that they don’t need that extra help in the classroom.

Earwig automatically syncs every evening with SIMs, meaning there is no administration required from admin staff either.
If safeguarding is one of your responsibilities, Earwig will enable you to make big strides. All images are removed from tablets and smartphones are soon as they are automatically uploaded to Earwig. So no image on portable devices walking outside the school gates.

Parents love looking at the images of their children and little reports from teachers. When parents feel engaged they tend to support the school in other ways too. They can also buy images and video from their Earwig Image Bank, singly or in bulk, for as little as 50p and the school gets 25% of the proceeds – all without any effort from you or your staff.
The fact that all the school photos and video are all held in Earwig’s unlimited secure cloud, frees up huge amount of space on your school network. So you won’t need that next network upgrade!

Earwig makes it easy to keep the school blog fresh and accurate, which helps to present your school to the world in a better light.
To see how simple it is to get set up with Earwig, go to HOW IT WORKS.

If you are more concerned about costs, check out our WHAT DOES IT COST? page.

For more about safeguarding, have a look at CHILD PROTECTION.

Earwig has revolutionised both the teaching and the evidence gathering of learning and progression within our school.

Richard Halton, Deputy Headteacher, Seven Stars Community Primary

Network Managers

Tired of trying to free up server space?
Want a safe, secure image management system you can rely on?
Under pressure to save money?

Earwig’s unique software allows teachers to record their teaching evidence using an app and store this evidence securely in the cloud, making that evidence more accessible and more useful. It also helps drag some teachers into the 21st century!

Because all the images and video goes straight into Earwig’s secure cloud-based storage this frees up gigabytes of storage on your network. So it runs faster and means fewer complaints.

When the school sets up with Earwig we will provide you with a simple API into your school database, through Groupcall or whatever other interface you prefer. Thereafter, Earwig automatically syncs every night with SIMS, Integris, iSAMS or whatever system you use, requiring no further management from you.

Most importantly, Earwig is a closed system and holds all data securely in the cloud, meaning that data security is improved. For more on this, go to DATA SECURITY.

If safeguarding is one of your responsibilities, Earwig will enable you to make big strides. All images are removed from tablets and smartphones are soon as they are automatically uploaded to Earwig. So no images on portable devices walking outside the school gates. For our policy on this go to SAFEGUARDING.

To understand more about the Earwig process, go to HOW IT WORKS.


I wish I’d had earwig from the day I started teaching

Tom Sale, ICT, Science and KS2 PE Co-Ordinator. Mereside Primary School